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Travel Blog: India, Day 9 - More village outreach.


In my recaps of India, day eight, I began to wonder if my journal entries and camera date stamps were both out of step with the true chronology of how events transpired.  It seemed impossible that so much could have occurred in a single twenty-four hour span of time.  I checked and double-checked, but as best as I can tell, the day really was that packed. I have said before that my second host's primary goal, outside of the matters pertaining to his orphanage, is village outreach.  In that vein, we continued on with our projects, speaking to a large group of women and children the day after our race back to the village.  This was a special place for my host, as we spoke from the courtyard of his sister's house.

This project actually brought with it a pleasant surprise; that of seeing a colleague of my host's whom I had met on my first trip to India three years previous.  Seeing both him and his family was an unexpected treat, and I was happy to find that they fared well.

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